All Day Menu

poached / fried / or scrambled eggs / on sourdough

+ Sausages $5.70

+Haloumi $6

+ Bacon $6

+ Mushrooms $5

+ Avocado $5

+ Hash brown $3


Truffle, mixed wild mushrooms, rocket, parmesan and garlic on sourdough

+ Poached Eggs 5.50


Three cheese omelette dressed with smoked salmon or bacon topped with salted ricotta and rocket.


Poached eggs, wilted baby spinach, in-house hollandaise and your choice of bacon or smoked salmon on sourdough.


Two poached eggs with crumbled feta, dukkah and avocado with side lemon on sourdough.

+ Bacon / Smoked Salmon 4


Two eggs your way: fried, scrambled or poached with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, roasted tomato, wilted spinach, hash brown, served on sourdough.


Vanilla pancakes served with warm butterscotch sauce, salted biscuit crumb, honey comb, mixed berries and canadian custard

+ Ice cream 4


A lentil and mild bean spice bean salsa hot bowl topped with a fried egg, crunchy potatoes and melted three cheeses

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